Rasmus H. Wandall

Attorney and advisor on law and conflict resolution with the Copenhagen-based Jon Palle Buhl Law Firm. Former General Counsel of the IAP, Chief advisor to the Director of Public Prosecutions of Denmark, and to the JFA-PF Ethiopia. Worked with judicial instituions in 30+ countries across six continents on matters of criminal procedure and practical dispute resolution. Author to numerous books and articles in the fields of criminal procedure, sentencing and comparative law. Among other places, he has held academic positions at University of Copenhagen, NYU Law School, UC Berkeley, University of Oxford, Addis Ababa University. Currently also holds a research fellowship with the University of Lund. Key to Rasmus' work and research is to improve the practices, methods and tools of legal dispute resolution, both civil and criminal, to empower the people and organizations involved and to sustain dispute resolution as a legitimate social practice within and across borders. Offline as well as online.