All good legal solutions - practical and digital alike - begin with a better understanding of the dynamics of law and the practical, political and cultural conditions of the institutions that apply the law.

Combining comparative legal studies, criminal law and social science, Rasmus focuses on the behaviour of law and the processes through which rigorous legal challenges can be translated into practical and digital forms of law that actually work. 
His work focuses on police, prosecution, courts, and correctional institutions as well as non-state dispute resolution mechanisms. 
Geographically, Rasmus' experience spans more than 30 countries globally with an emphasis on North America, England and Wales, Continental Europe, East Africa and the Arab speaking world. 
His current writing focuses on:

1. emerging forms of conflict resolution mechanisms and in particular interfaces between public and private forms. 
2. Public trust and law. In particular how justice institutions can and do respond to a lack of public trust through procedures and reorganizations. 

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